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Rosters for 1/28 @ Dickinson HS

DE Sharks

U14 Turquoise


adding Crotty Logan  
Sapphires/Turquoise Hughes Lelia  
Turquoise mccarthy Angelina no
JPIL/Turquoise Davis Macy  
JPIL/Turquoise Baker Teagan  
Turquoise Ramsey Ellen  
Turquoise Carey Emma  
Turquoise Moyer Kayli  
Turquoise Mastrangelo Isabel  
Turquoise Jacobs Sadie no
Turquoise Crossed Keira no
U16 Steel      
GK Rawlings Kacie  
Steel McCarty Peyton  
Steel/Copper Leager Jolie  
Steel/Copper LoBiondo Grace  
Steel Avery Hayden  
Steel Sullivan Leah sick
Steel Watkins Ava  
Steel Best Olivia  
Steel/Gold Jordan Ashlyn  




Here is the link to the waiver:

U16 Rosters for 1/29 @ Indian Creek


U16 Bronze    
Tatman Abby  
Lowe Ryan  
Williamson Baylie no
Robbins Ella  
Shockley Khloe  
Miller Peyton  
Krout Addison  
Fields Ava  
Schiff Meredith  
Wells Emily  
McCloskey Rilyn  
U16 Copper    
Rawlings Kacie  
McCarthy Alyssa no
Wood Hannah  
Messick Savannah  
Cristaldi Mia  
Peterson Ella  
Merrick Lilly no
Webb Rylie  
Cusick Mackenzie  
Balbeck Hayden  

U19 Rosters for 1/29 @ Indian Creek

Platinum-NIT Rawlings Taylor “Lucy” hurt
Platinum-NIT Andrews Ava  
Platinum-NIT Farrell Brooke no
Platinum-NIT Keeler Parker  
Platinum-NIT Keeler Payton  
Platinum-NIT Penrod Karli  
Platinum-NIT LaVere Kylee  
Platinum-NIT Short Callie no
Platinum-NIT Masten Bailey  
GK Tatman Abby  
U19 Gold      
GK Rawlings Kacie  
Gold Scully Gabrielle  
Gold Jayne Samantha  
Gold Pavlick Madison  
Gold Stauffer Jenna  
Gold Daniello Julie no
Gold Ray Shelby  
Bronze/Gold Lowe Ryan no
Steel/Gold Jordan Ashlyn no
Bronze Fields Ava  

Practice Schedule for 2022-2023

Tuesdays Starting Nov 15 - end of Feb

Mariner Main Gym

  • Training - ALL Age Groups
  • U8 U10 U12 U14 (Training Academy)- 6:45pm-8pm 

MONDAYs starting Nov 7 - end of Feb

Sussex Academy Main Gym

  • U14 (University): 6:30pm - 8pm In Jan,  Acad is welcome! 
  • U16 (Academy): 8pm - 9pm
  • U16 (University-Copper&Steel): 8pm - 9:30pm

Wednesdays starting Nov 7 - end of Feb

Sussex Academy Main Gym

  • U10 U12 (University): 6:30pm – 8pm
  • U19 (Academy): 8pm - 9pm
  • U16 Bronze & U19 (University): 8pm - 9:30pm

HOLIDAY schedule

  • Practice on Monday/Tuesday only during Thanksgiving Week
  • School is closed during Christmas/New Year's Break (2 weeks)...We may be able to practice after basketball practice.  
  • NITQ (tbd) may practice during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day

All practices at Sussex Academy main gym or the Mariner Middle gym in the rear of the building.  Please arrive 30 minutes before scheduled time. There may be additional practice times scheduled for specific teams as the needs arise (TBD). For practices scheduled at Sussex Academy, beginning Jan 5th, OutTrain will be working with players for 30 min.  OutTrain will follow 6:30- 8 sessions.  OutTrain will begin at 7:30 for 8-9:30pm sessions


21150 Airport Road

Georgetown, DE 19947


16391 Harbeson Rd

Milton, DE 19968